Course spotlight: The Earthshot Challenge

This challenge for junior cadets encourages them to think about ways to reverse the climate emergency and repair the planet by 2030

logo of the Earthshot Challenge

What is the Earthshot Challenge? 

Inspired by the Earthshot Prize, launched by Sir David Attenborough and Prince William, juniors take part in specially created modules. Currently there are 10 Earthshot modules live on Programmes Online, with more to be added as the challenge progresses.

The modules encourage juniors to think and talk about the environmental issues we are currently facing, and help them to see that the small changes we make today can help build a better future for our planet. The modules also include a challenge to get active with. They are great for building teamwork skills and can offer some amazing creative results for today and the future. 

How do juniors take part? 

Junior cadets can join in the Earthshot Challenge by completing our specially designed booklet and Earthshot modules, which challenge their imagination and empower them to think of their own ways to
save our world.

What do the modules include? 

There are five ‘Earthshots’ to complete. These are:

  • Revive our oceans
  • Clean our air
  • Protect and restore nature
  • Fix our climate
  • Build a waste-free world

Why should juniors get involved?  

There are loads of reasons for juniors take up the Earthshot Challenge. They can have fun with eco-brick building, making bird feeders, and coming up with new ways to recycle and help clean up rubbish at their unit and beyond. They can also learn about how to reduce our carbon footprint, think about how we use technology, and lots more. 

What qualifications will you get?   

When you complete the challenge, you get a certificate and a module awarded on your Westminster Record. Simply choose one module from each of the Junior Sea Cadets Earthshot projects, record what you did in the booklet, include an image or drawing to show your work, and have each module signed off by your instructor. Do this for each of the five projects, add one of your own ideas in the ‘My Earthshot Challenge’ section, then ask your instructor to send your finished booklet to NSO Juniors so you can claim your certificate.

How can cadets find out more? 

Juniors can talk to the instructors at their unit if they want to take part. The Earthshot Challenge can be delivered locally at units as well as through district junior days and weekends.

Instructors can find out more on our Training & Admin pages for the Earthshot Challenge here and the
Sea Cadets Programmes Online section.

Two of the modules on offer

Bee Bombs 

Through this activity, juniors understand how to create a space where nature can flourish by helping pollinators such as bees and butterflies. 

The Big Clean Up

Juniors learn about the amount of waste around our coastline and what this means for the planet and climate. They can explore rivers and lakes and support a healthy environment for all.

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