Virtual volunteer heroes

We asked you to nominate the volunteer heroes who have helped you this year – here are some of the messages of thanks you sent in

Even when all our training centres, boating stations and units closed, our volunteers were still working tirelessly through Virtual Sea Cadets and more to make sure cadets continued to stay motivated and achieve qualifications at home. We wanted to give you a chance to say ‘thank you’…

A volunteer with some paperwork, a computer and semaphore flags
Cadet Emily keeps busy with online activities

Gemma Olliver, parent and committee member at Horsham Sea Cadets

Cadet Emily showing off her bread baking skills
Emily baking during lockdown

“I would like to say ‘thank you’ to volunteers Kevin and Vicky Milligan. During lockdown, my daughter Emily (pictured) moved up from juniors and they made her transition really smooth – she already feels like one of the seniors, despite not having been on a parade night yet!

“Kevin has made so many training opportunities possible for Emily. Her school only set work for the morning and suggested doing project work in the afternoons. This was made possible due to Sea Cadets, and Kevin getting Emily booked on courses. Over the summer, Kevin and Vicky have offered two virtual meeting nights every single week and Emily is learning so many new skills and gaining in confidence to contribute.

“We have really appreciated everything they do. When everything else Emily does has stopped, this brings some routine and normality to each week.” 

OC Ashryah, Nuneaton and Bedworth Sea Cadets

OC Ashryan whipping up a storm in the kitchen
OC Ashryan in the kitchen

“I would like to nominate PO Holland for going above and beyond during lockdown. We couldn’t clock up any boating hours this year due to lockdown, but the Sea Cadets Portal helped us to track our pathways and gain qualifications by engaging virtually.

“I had given up hope of achieving anything, but PO Holland helped us get enrolled onto the Cadet Training Platform  to complete our modules for promotions. I’m looking forward to the re-opening of our unit, so we can get back to serving our community and working towards my end goal of joining the Royal Navy.”

Cadet Kieran, Aberdeen Sea Cadets

“I’d like to put forward CPO Mark Cameron from Aberdeen unit.  He has worked really hard to organise the virtual system for cadets and to run the sessions. He got some of the other instructors involved, and none of us would have done anything if it wasn’t for him. Thanks!” 

We couldn’t clock up any boating hours this year due to lockdown, but the Sea Cadets Portal helped us to track our pathways and gain qualifications by engaging virtually.

OC Ashryan, Nuneaton and Bedworth Sea Cadets

PPO (SCC) Ryan Myles, Maidenhead Sea Cadets

PO (SCC) Rebecca Hearn smiling at the camera in cadet uniform
PO SCC Rebecca

“I’d like to thank PO (SCC) Rebecca Hearn (pictured). She’s an amazing instructor who puts others first, and she is a pivotal part of why I transitioned to volunteer from cadet at 18.

“She is always there for cadets to talk to and does all she can to help them achieve their goals. During lockdown she has not only taken on the role of 1st Lieutenant but has supported us younger volunteers in adapting to virtual parading and has helped us to develop our skills so we can support the cadets.

“Rebecca truly is an amazing volunteer and her effort is appreciated by both volunteers and cadets.” 

Cadet Oliver, Tamworth and Lichfield Sea Cadets

“Thank you to PO (SCC) Elliot Smith, for his excellent communication and efforts over lockdown. I’m aware that many cadets have struggled with their mental health during lockdown and PO Smith has done everything he possibly can to help them, providing extra work to keep us busy and entertained!”

LC Emma, Inverness Sea Cadets

LC Emma standing in uniform showing an image of a certificate on a computer screen
LC Emma showing off her online certificate

“I would like to nominate Lt Cdr Hay. He has ensured all cadets could join in every Tuesday for a virtual parade night, where we do classes and games. He keeps us up to date on any opportunities so nobody misses out. He has constantly been involved with keeping cadet forums and communication open, as he understands the importance of the cadet voice. He always values it and incorporates what we as cadets want to see as best he can.” 

AC Rebecca, Inverness Sea Cadets

AC Rebecca standing in uniform showing an image of a certificate on a computer screen
AC Rebecca showing off her online certificate

“I would like to nominate my CO, Lt Cdr Hay, because he has made sure that we have all stayed connected and had Zoom meetings on parade night.
He makes sure everyone is contributing by posting tasks up on Google Classroom to cover our CTP Modules and let us know that there are virtual courses available. Thank you.” 

Nominate a volunteer! Email us at and tell us who it is and why they deserve it.

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