The Sea Cadets guide to our mission and values

With lots of input from cadets, we have updated our Mission and Values to reflect the huge importance of inclusivity and wellbeing

Our Values

We’ve updated the way we define our six core values to highlight the importance of inclusion, to inspire loyalty and strengthen our commitment to doing our best. Our Values are at the core of what we do, helping you to find your course in life.

  • Respect: “To be inclusive, appreciate others and considerate of all.”
    What is said before“To appreciate and be considerate to others.”
  • Loyalty: “To be faithful to those who value and support me.”
    What is said before“To be faithful to all those who invest in me.”
  • Self-Discipline: “To do my best and do what I must.”
    What is said before“To do what I must.”
  • Commitment: “To do what I say I will.”
  • Honesty & Integrity: “To tell the truth and be a good person.”
  • Courage: “To do what I know is right.”
    What is said before: “To do what we know is right”

Our Mission

‘Inspiring young people to achieve their potential through challenge and nautical adventure guided by the customs and traditions of today’s Royal Navy.’ By highlighting ‘today’s’ Royal Navy, we wanted to acknowledge its more modern image – from an inclusive culture to a pioneering use of technology. Being ‘guided by’ the Royal Navy (it was ‘underpinned by’ in the old Mission) reflects that we can learn from its progress and benefit from more engagement with its inspiring personnel.  

Illustration: Carys Tait

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