The Sea Cadets guide to Trafalgar Day

From what you need to do before you go, to what to take with you, use these top tips to make the most of this exciting event

Trafalgar Day illustration showing two cadets, Nelson's column, a Sea Cadets flag, a bugle and a drum

Before you go

Check your uniform and make sure it fits correctly. If it doesn’t, speak to your unit. Also, make sure your unit has updated your Westminster record with any medical or dietary needs. If you need to bring medication, you’ll need a T1 (Med) form. Keep the medicine in a clear, sealable bag clearly marked with your name and unit. 

What to bring

We’ve put together a kit list so you can make sure you have everything you need. Click here to download the kit list.

illustration of toothbrush and toothpaste

If you forget something, the Trafalgar Team has a small stock of useful things for you to buy, such as hairnets and bobbles, clips, toothbrushes, toothpaste and more.  


Keep your uniform in tip-top condition during your journey by using a high-quality suit cover (make sure it’s clearly marked with your name and unit). The Sea Cadet Shop has a great option:

illustration of a water bottle

Look after yourself

It’s a thrilling event but is also very busy so it’s important to be at your best so you can enjoy the day. Get lots of rest before you go, and stay hydrated – there will be plenty of water available. 

illustration of a phone screen showing the portal

Keep up to date

When you’ve been added to the activity for Trafalgar Day, check your Sea Cadets Portal Attendance Assistant for details. 

Illustration of a bugle
illustration of a drum

Illustrations by Geraldine Sy

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