Volunteers: above and beyond

To celebrate Volunteers’ Week in June, we asked you to nominate volunteers who went the extra mile to help their units this year – here are some of them

Sub-Lt Siobhan May, Telford Unit, nominated by LC Rebecca

“Siobhan is one of the best Sea Cadets volunteers I have ever met and has supported me through everything in and outside of Sea Cadets. She never fails to motivate me or to give me advice when I need it. I don’t think I’d be where I am in the Corps without her. She dedicates so much time and effort to the unit and is such a great attribute.”

Lt (SCC) Teresa and Lt Cdr (SCC) Dennis Archbold, Fleetwood Unit, nominated by Jacky Elliot, North West Area Training Manager 

“Dennis is CO of Fleetwood, which consistently produces some high-calibre cadets and also supports the development of its volunteers. His wife Teresa is ASO Rowing and has been in post for more than 11 years. Her dedication to developing the skills of both cadets and adults is outstanding and she regularly supports training and competitions across the area. She and AASO Rowing PO (SCC) Mike Lydon, also a Fleetwood Unit volunteer, organised the National Indoor Junior Rowing Championships in May 2021. This was particularly challenging with the restrictions and was coordinated across three units in the area with some great results. They are also an amazing support to both district and area training and regularly host cadet weekends in Physical Training and more.” 

Lt Cdr (SCC) Dennis Archbold
Lt (SCC) Teresa Archbold

OiC Marlene Rhodes, Rickmansworth Unit, nominated by Nina Guppy, Unit Chair at Rickmansworth and Watford Sea Cadets

“Marlene took over as OiC in the middle of the pandemic. She worked tirelessly to ensure cadets continued to have the best experience possible, face to face or online. She has spent hours on timetables so all cadets get a fair amount of time on activities and has been quick to get in boating whenever the chance has popped up. She has managed to keep the volunteers motivated in a really trying time and has fitted in her command course!”

OiC Marlene Rhodes

Lt (SCC) Christine Tebby RNR, Edgware and Mill Hill Unit, nominated by London Area Officer James Nisbet RNR

“Christine is about to retire from Sea Cadets, having started in the 1970s! She is one of our many ‘unsung heroes’ having devoted so much of her life to nurturing young people. A true example of selfless devotion and the spirit of the Corps, she’s had a significant impact on so many.”

CO Matthew Stamp, Middlesbrough Unit, nominated by Sub Lt (SCC) Katie Webster RNR

To say our CO Matthew Stamp goes above and beyond would be  an understatement. When the unit was devastated by a flood, it was Matthew’s dedication and leadership that helped it to survive. He’s kind, caring, and an inspiration to all volunteers and cadets. He goes out of his way to help, often spending most of his days off at cadet weekends. None of us would be where we are without him.

CO Matthew Stamp

Nominate a volunteer! Email us at SCmag@ms-sc.org and tell us who it is and why they deserve it.

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